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Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, n.o., Bratislava/Presov

Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (RC SFPA, n.o.) is a non-governmental non-profit organization, a think-tank, aimed to carry out applied research and education on the field of international relations and foreign policy and the main implementer of the project.

RC SFPA, n.o. was established in 1995 as an integral part of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association. By January 30th 2004, the RC SFPA transformed to a non-profit organization delivering public services in the field of creating, developing, reviewing and presenting the cultural values and at the same time took over the contributory organization of the MFA of the SR - The Slovak Institute for International Studies. Thus the founder of this organization is the SFPA Bratislava together with the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

National Institute of Strategic Studies, Regional Branch in Uzhgorod

NISS Uzhgorod is a part of the main research organization in Ukraine (NISS), which provides analytical and prognostic support for the President of Ukraine. For more than 15 years experts of Institute carry out strategic initiatives, analytical research and practical recommendations to the President and Presidential Administration of Ukraine. NISS central office is located in Kyiv, branches are located in Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Odesa, Lviv and Uzhgorod. NISS will provide its expert capacities and through their central office and branches will disseminate project outcomes in Ukraine.

University of Prešov

Established in 1997, however the history of its faculties is much older: Greek-Catholic Theological Faculty (1880), Faculty of Education (1949) and Orthodox Theological Faculty (1950). It is the only public higher education institution in Prešov region, the third biggest university in Slovakia concerning the number of faculties: Faculty of Arts, Greek-Catholic Theological Faculty, Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Education, Orthodox Theological Faculty, Faculty of Sports, Faculty of Health Care. University will provide its personal and technical capacities for project implementation, esp. for the research and educational activities of the project.      

Prešov Regional Chamber, Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry

SCCI was founded by Act no. 9/1992 Coll. of December 3, 1991 on Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The chamber’s activities focus on the support and protection of business operations of its members domestically and abroad. SCCI Presov is very active in promoting business and networking of businesse in SK-UA CBC area. For the project purposes, we will provide our expertise, business network built at SK side for project activities, esp. for businnes conferences, match-making events and experts of SCCI will participate at marketing research.          

Faculty of Social and Economic Studies, Comenius University in Bratislava

Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava, has been continually ranked the top research and education institution in 2009-2013 among social science faculties in Slovak Republic ( The new faculty was introduced into higher education in Slovakia in 2002. The curriculum consists of courses in social sciences, social psychology, political science, European studies and international relations, social anthropology, public policy and economics. FSES has been well-experienced in carrying out scietific and applied research - the latter also in collaboration with RC SFPA. We will provide our personal and technical capacities for the project.

Uzhgorod National University

Uzhhorod National University holds the highest accreditation level and its strategic aim is to obtain the status of a research university. UNU is an inheritor of the higher educational establishment the Collegium, established on 2 July 1615. UNU is a legal successor of Uzhhorod State University which was granted the status of the National University by the Decree of the President of Ukraine on 19 October 2000. Currently it has a College of natural sciences and humanities, 23 educational-scientific institutes and faculties (113 departments in all) and 25 scientific-research institutes.

Centre of Strategic Partnership

CSP is a local NGO, civic association, which is primarily devoted to the development of cross-border cooperation with the Slovakia and Hungary. The priority of the organization is to promote and develop good neighborhood relations, especially in the field of scientific research cooperation, education, exchange of knowledge and know-how, and by networking of partners. Another priority of the CSP is the Ukrainian public awareness about European integration of Ukraine. The organization will provide its technical and personnel capacity to implement the project, especially in Transcarpathia, and also will participate in the promotion and dissemination of project results to wide public.

Transcarpathian Enterprise Support Fund

Transcarpathian Enterprise Support (TES) Fund is a business promotion agency offering a wide range of skills and supports to entrepreneurs. TES is an independent not for profit company, established in 1995. TES works in three key areas, providing business support focused on the: 1) enterprise promotion services; 2) provision of business incubator workspace; and, 3) organisation of trade promotion events and promotion of cross-border business opportunities. TES will provide its expertise, technical and personnel background for successful project realisation.  TES has experience from several international project, incl. cooperation with EBRD and TACIS.

Ukrainian-Slovak Institute of Humanitarian Initiatives

USIHI is the Ukrainian legal entity, a civic association founded in 2006. Its program focus is to develop Ukrainian-Slovak relations, in particular cross-border cooperation in the humanitarian sphere: education, history, culture, language, literature, minority education and supporting of minorities. It is community based NGO, but its activities recently extended to the entire space of the Carpathian region. USIHI will contribute with its knowledge of local communities and minorities, esp. minority languages living in Carpathian region to the research of the project in the area of multi-ethnic relations.     

Faculty of Finnmark, University of Tromsoe

Campus Kirkenes is a teaching and research unit located in Norway's bordertown with Russia and part of the Arctic University of Norway with its main seat in Tromsø. Campus Kirkenes specialises in close collaborations with several Russian universities including nearby Murmansk State Humanities University. It offers on-line tutoring and internet studio teaching in topics concerning among other cross-border collaboration, geo-economics and regional development. On-going research by the academic staff at Campus Kirkenes addresses applied and basic problems within this general subject area, and is presently carried out in international and bilateral Norwegian-Russian partnerships.

Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Staromestská 6/D, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovak Republic